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Please Help Kersee!!!


This sweet girl is Kersee. Kersee has one of those heart wrenching, Sarah McLaughlin commercial type story. This girl was first spotted in Leadwood, MO over a year ago. She was a stray on the run and evaded capture for a very long time. She holed up in a burned down house over the harsh winter last year and lived in a sewer drain all summer long. There was a team of awesome people who made sure she stayed well fed and worked hard on gaining her trust to save her. Well last we...ek a miracle happened and Kersee was caught! She looks really well for being on the run for over a year, and her quick pace is what lovingly earned her the name Kersee. She is an amazing girl, who while timid, is incredibly sweet and gets along with all dogs and cats. She follows her foster mom everywhere and is even potty trained. Unfortunately Kersee tested positive, which we were not surprised to find out given her circumstances. Heartworm treatments are not only painful for the dog, but they are pricey to treat for the rescue group (even with our awesome vet discount). In order to have this treatment done the Lovely Heartland Ladies are pleading with you to donate towards her vet bills. We are a non for profit rescue group, so we are able to treat animals like Kersee through awesome people donating money. Kersee has had a very rough life up to this point and has yet to realize that she has won the jackpot as a Heartland Foster dog. Please consider donating any amount to help us get Kersee on the road to becoming a happy and healthy family pet!  Thank you for your generosity and support!


 Houston & Norman Need Your Support!!!

Meet our special new boys Houston and Norman. Houston is the tan and white terrier mix and Norman is the black and white Newfoundland mix; they are both roughly 3-4 years old. These boys were rescued from a place in Texas call the 5th Ward near Houston. This is an area that is very badly over run with stray dogs that are in rough condition. The only way dogs can be rescued from this area is if they have a firm rescue commitment.  One of our Lovely Heartland Ladies received an... urgent plea one day asking if we could help save a mange ridden terrier mix in bad shape. Once we found out that he could only be saved if a rescue could commit we agreed to take him right away. It blew our minds that no other rescues between Texas and St. Louis, MO had an open spot for this boy. We decided to name him Houston, but he was in such bad shape that we wouldn’t be able to actually get him until he was stable enough to travel. A wonderful woman in Texas fostered him for us and cared for him until he was travel ready. While she was caring for Houston she had taken in another dog temporarily, a big newfie mix named Norman who was in even worse shape than Houston. While this kind woman bathed, medicated, and loved on these two boys they began to forge a strong bond with one another; a bond that could be seen in all the videos and photos that were posted up from several states away. The thought of separating this pair of pals while going through such a difficult recovery was more than we could handle, so we asked to take on Norman as well. The time had finally come over a month later and Norman and Houston made the long journey to Saint Louis. These boys are so incredibly gentle and loving despite all they have been through. Both Houston and Norman have sarcoptic mange and are heartworm positive. Norman has two legs that are in bad shape and have breaks that have been healed naturally, he is also much skinnier than Houston. He will need to be evaluated by our vets and will most likely need to have some kind of corrective surgery. They both need basic vetting such as neutering. Needless to say these boys will be recovering with their Lovely Heartland Fosters for a while and will require quite a bit of funding to get them back in tip top shape. We would like to give these boys anything and everything they need medical wise to get them up to 110%! They boys and Heartland would be incredibly thankful for any amount donated; every dollar counts! Once these boys are healed up they will be ready to find their forever homes, in a perfect world we will be able to find them a home together as they really do have a deep love for one another. They just cannot go to a home with cats. If you think you may be interested in giving these boys a home please do not hesitate to contact us! Thank you in advance for all of your help, love, and donations! 

Trivia Night

We are excited to announce that our annual Trivia Night is scheduled for Saturday, December 6th!  Sandy Miller from Fox 2 News will once again be our amazing emcee and we are thrilled to have her!  There will be tons of fabulous auction items, raffles and prizes and of course, lots of fun to be had by all!  Click on the "Upcoming Events" tab for more details or to register for a table. 

Shopping for Paws!

Looking for the "purrfect" gift for a friend or family member?  Check out Le Petite Paw - a unique online gift boutique for pet-lovers and their pets!  Even better... make a purchase using the link below and Heartland will receive a donation!  Buy cool stuff and help Heartland's foster pets - it's a win-win!

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About Us

Heartland Humane Society of Missouri is a 501(c)3 non-profit group of dedicated foster homes that gives abandoned, abused, and unwanted animals another chance for loving, permanent homes through our adoption program, following the no-kill philosophy.  We reduce pet overpopulation in our community through collaboration with veterinarians, animal welfare organizations, and supportive individuals by providing humane education and reinforcing the importance of spaying and neutering pets.  Heartland Humane Society of Missouri is funded solely by adoption fees, donations, fundraising events, grants and tributes.

Dog/Puppy Adoptions:

$175 (*unless otherwise noted)

Includes:  Spay/neuter, microchip, UTD on vaccinations, heartworm test and UTD on preventative, treatment for fleas/ticks/parasites, microchip & HHS tags, health record and Petsmart coupon book. 


Cat/Kitten Adoptions:

  • Kittens 6 months and under - $125
  • Declawed cats under 5 yrs old - $125
  • Cats 7 months to 5 yrs - $110
  • Cats over 5 years - $80

Includes:  Spay/neuter, microchip, UTD on vaccinations, Feline Leukemia/FIV tested, treated for fleas/parasites, microchip and HHS tags, health record and Petsmart coupon book.



By adopting just one pet, you won’t change the world; but you certainly will change the world for that one pet! 
Save a life - adopt, don't shop!
Prevent a litter...
Neuter your critter!

Featured Pets:

Meet Pink! Pink is a beautiful terrier mixed female; she is roughly a year old. Pink came to us a while ago from a very rural animal control in Troy, MO; this particular pound contains all outdoor kennels and the poor animals unlucky enough to wind up there are forced to fend against the elements for themselves. We noticed right off the bat that Pink had some sort of skin condition and the moment we got her we had her skin scraped and she tested positive for Demodex mange. He  r poor skin was so inflamed and her hair so sparse that her bright pink skin was very noticeable; hence the name Pink! After lots of medicine, baths, and love Pink has healed up quite nicely. And on the positive side all of her treatments have turned her into one very well rounded and well socialized gal! Pink is an incredibly loveable and smart dog. She has been raised around a bunch dogs and is great with cats; she also loves kids and kids love her. Pink is both crate and potty trained, but we do tell new owners to expect accidents while a new routine is being established. She has been spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, dewormed, microchipped, and treated for her Demodex. Pink is such an awesome pup, all she needs is a family of her own to unlock her full potential of greatness!

Somebody must be in the market for a petite and sweet terrier mix! Pink is a little under a year old and is incredibly sweet and smart! She is running around my classroom right now with 8 other dogs ranging from a 5lb chi to a 55lb shepherd mix, and a couple cats. She is a HUGE love bug and is ready for her own home. She is treat motivated, smart, crate, and potty trained. She is a very special girl Just look at that mug and try no to fall in love!!

Lulu Belle is a sweet, sweet girl with tons of love to share!  She has been through a lot in her life; she has lived in three different homes over the years and was returned through no fault of her own. She is a beautiful and dainty cat with the sweetest disposition.  She was originally found several years ago as a stray kitten living outside in the cold weather.  Luckily for her, the kind lady who found her also happened to be a Heartland volunteer.  Luluwas adopted shortly thereafter to a nice family, but unbeknownst to them, one of their kids suffered from cat allergies.  It was a heartbreaking decision for them to return her, but back to Heartland she came.  Lulu wasadopted out a second time, but her owners moved and decided that they would not take her with them and instead dumped her at a very high-kill shelter.  Thankfully, she was rescued by Heartland a second time and was adopted to her third home where she thrived and loved life.  Sadly, her elderly owner developed health issues that prevented her from keeping Lulu, so she made the difficult decision to send her back.  Despite her hardships, Lulu is a very gentle and friendly cat and would make a wonderful companion.  She is very affectionate and loving, adores her humans, and wants nothing more than to curl up on a lap and cuddle.  She loves to lay on her foster mom's lap while she reads and "make biscuits", which is another term for kneading - something cats do when they are very happy and content.  When she wants attention, she will gently tap your arm to let you know that she's there.  Lulu can be a bit timid in new situations, but once she gains your trust, she is a very loyal (and talkative) companion.  She has lived with another cat at one point, but she prefers to be the queen of the castle, although another docile kitty may be acceptable after a slow introduction.  She hasn't been around dogs much so a home without one would probably be best.  Older kids are preferred due to her gentle and timid nature.  Lulu is approximately 9 years old and is as healthy as can be.  She is spayed, microchipped, up-to-date on vaccinations, and front-declawed - tag # 6125JB (adoption fee is $80).  Lulu hopes that the 4th time is a charm for finding her forever home – please consider adding this adorable girl to your family!


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I adopted Cassidy the Border Collie over six years ago. She is still doing very well. We moved to South Carolina over three years ago so that is why we haven't visited you all at Petsmart. I am happy to find you are still rescuing. Good luck!

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