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Crafting for Kitties!

BIG NEWS!!! Today, we’re announcing a new fundraising partner; PURRCRAFTS! They offer a variety of craft supplies from the most popular brands. All sales that are generated from clicking this link will benefit our rescue.

They are also offering our members a 10% discount, so please SHARE this offer with your Facebook friends!



Shop for a Cause!

Shop for a cause!  Purchase beautiful hand-made jewelry from StephsCraftingBits Etsy shop and mention Heartland Humane Society of MO and we will receive 20% of the sale for our foster kitties!  Tons of adorable bracelets, necklaces, and earrings for animal lovers like us. 

Check out her Etsy shop at https://etsy.me/2rtlt8X and contact Stephanie to see additional items for sale. 

Thanks for your support!

Volunteers Needed!


We are looking for a few cat-loving individuals who can help care for our adoptable kitties at both the O'Fallon & Wentzville Petsmart stores. 

Various shifts available.  Hours are somewhat flexible but it is a weekly commitment. In return, you will get all the kitty kisses, cuddles and purrs that you can handle.  🐾 💜

Please contact us or fill out a volunteer application here if you are interested (must be at least 18 yrs of age or have a guardian present).

Thank you!

Heartland in the News!

About Us

Heartland Humane Society of Missouri is a 501(c)3 non-profit group of dedicated foster homes that gives abandoned, abused, and unwanted animals another chance for loving, permanent homes through our adoption program, following the no-kill philosophy.  We reduce pet overpopulation in our community through collaboration with veterinarians, animal welfare organizations, and supportive individuals by providing humane education and reinforcing the importance of spaying and neutering pets.  Heartland Humane Society of Missouri is funded solely by adoption fees, donations, fundraising events, grants and tributes.

Dog/Puppy Adoptions:

$175 (*unless otherwise noted)

Includes:  Spay/neuter, microchip, UTD on vaccinations, heartworm test and UTD on preventative, treatment for fleas/ticks/parasites, microchip & HHS tags, health record and Petsmart coupon book. 


Cat/Kitten Adoptions:

Kittens 6 months and under - $125

Cats 6 months+ to 5 yrs - $110

Declawed cats - $125

Cats over 5 years - $80

Includes:  Spay/neuter, microchip, UTD on vaccinations, Feline Leukemia/FIV tested, treated for fleas/parasites, microchip and HHS tags, health record and Petsmart coupon book.


Featured Pets:

This big-headed hunk is Wilbur.  He was living as a stray in a rural area until he was captured and taken to an animal control facility.  His time on the streets must have been rough as he had quite a few scratches and scars on his body, but it sure didn't change his personality because he is one sweet and cool cat!  Wilbur is just as chill and mellow as can be and just wants to hang out with you and be loved.  He is an attention hog and enjoys petting and cuddling, but he's also  content to sit by your side and watch tv.  He is quite the vocal guy, especially when food is involved (canned food is his favorite!).  He also has a cute, albeit funny, habit of biting his bed or blanket while kneading on it; probably his way of self-soothing.  We don't know how long Wilbur lived outside as a stray, but it was long enough to contract Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), a common virus that can affect a cat's immune system.  Given his personality and calm demeanor, I imagine he was the victim, not the instigator.  Please don't let that dissuade you from considering him; FIV is not a death sentence and cats with the virus can live long, happy and healthy lives with proper care and nutrition.  They need to be kept indoors, fed a high quality diet and go to the vet annually, just like any other cat.  It cannot be transmitted to dogs or humans, and is only passed to other cats via a deep bite wound (saliva to blood).  FIV cats can also live with other non-FIV cats as long as they do not fight.  Wilbur is a lover, not a fighter, and he currently lives with several non-FIV cats and gets along great with all of them.  He has met a few dogs while at adoption events and seemed curious about them more than anything, so he may adapt to a cat-friendly one with a proper introduction.  Wilbur is neutered, microchipped, current on vaccinations and ready for his forever home!  His DOB is 4/17/17 and tag # is 11029JB.  If you are looking for a mellow, loving and loyal companion to keep you company during the day and warm on chilly nights, then look no further because Wilbur is your guy!




By adopting just one pet, you won’t change the world; but you certainly will change the world for that one pet! 
Save a life - adopt, don't shop!
Prevent a litter...
Neuter your critter!

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I adopted Hitch and Stowie back in 2010 when they were about a year old, they are going on 11 years old now. Both are sweethearts, and Hitch while he tollerates other people seems to be a one person cat, and that person is me. Stowie will demand attention from everyone.

I adodted Blitzen, aka Blitz or Blitzy in 2011 when he was 9 years old. He lived to be nearly 18 passing away a few months before his 18th birthday. He will be missed. He was a wonderful old man who loved attention.

The next pair of cats I got were were Micah now called Dino and my roommate/best friend adopted Parker. Parker never really bonded with my friend and adopted me as his human. When she had to move back home to help out her parents she couldn't take Parker with her, and asked me to keep him. Parker and Dino are still with me, and they are probably about 8 years old now. Both are very loving and adorable.

I actually ended up resucing my next cat Lucky at work when he was a two day old kitten. I reached out to Hartland for help. They got him to Snuggle Rescue, and when Lucky was old enough I adopted him back. The poor little guy had a rough start to life, but he had a great 4 years before I had to put him to sleep due to illness he couldn't fight any longer. Lucky was well loved and everyone loved his spunky attitude. He aways seemed to know when someone needed to be cheered up. He's missed by everyone who knew him.

A few weeks after Lucky's death, I got two new 5 month old kittens. Brair and Rose, now called Chy and Skittles. They are now going on 3 years old in March of 2020. They are lover cats. Chy like Hitch has decided I'm the person for her, and she really doesn't care for too many other humans, but will tollerate them. Skittles is outgoing and loves attention.

When my friends are asking about where I got my cats from I tell them Heartland, and tell them to adopt from there, since there are many wonderful pets just waiting for their furever home.

I adopted "Kendal" a little black terrier mix in Oct 2004. She made it to 15 yrs old and passed away 12/4/18.
I also adopted "Nabisco" AKA Dasher who was a 16 week old grey short haired kitten early 2005. He is now 14yrs old.
Now we are looking again for a new pup to love

Today we added Sammy to our family! He is a beautiful, sweet, and loving cat! He is the perfect addition to our family. I’m so thankful that Heartland was able to take him in and care for him until he found his forever home with us. We love him so much already and can’t wait for him to come out of his shell.❤️

I adopted Cassidy the Border Collie over six years ago. She is still doing very well. We moved to South Carolina over three years ago so that is why we haven't visited you all at Petsmart. I am happy to find you are still rescuing. Good luck!

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